Eclipse™  Neuro Vapor

Vape Liquid That Will Help You Quit Smoking & Feel Good Doing It

Quit Smoking

Manage your nicotine cravings with Eclipse™ during the quitting process.

Fight Depression

Eclipse™ targets the “feel good” receptors in your brain triggering dopamine

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Relieve Stress

Eclipse elevates your dopamine levels to relieve stress, depression & anxiety.


Why Choose Eclipse™

Avoid Nicotine Cravings

Want to quit smoking? Avoid the whole “cold turkey” process

Reduce Stress

Eclipse™ contains dopamine which is the feel good neruhoromone

Sleep Better

By being more at peace, good sleep is never a problem

Live Well

Our homeopathic formula will have you feeling amazing

Anxiety Reduction

If you suffer from anxiety, Eclipse will help balance you out

The Healthy Vape

Leave smoking and nicotine behind with ease, and feel good doing it

Get ready to change your life with Eclipse NeuroVape

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Quit Smoking Now

Eclipse helped me reduce my nicotine cravings to the point where my life, and quitting smoking was manageable. I have tried many methods to quit, but this one was on the money!

Eclipse™ is the intelligent way to manage your brains and body’s needs while eclipsing your nicotine cravings. You will no longer have to deal with withdrawal symptoms. It takes three days for nicotine to work itself completely out of the body. What that means is that people that go “Cold Turkey” experience peak withdrawal symptoms that could include headaches, nausea, possibly cramps.

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Fight Back Against Depression

I felt the difference almost immediately and am starting to feel hope that the chronic anxiety and depression that have plagued me most of my life can no longer rule my world! Many thanks to all the people who made this come to life!

Eclipse not only renormalizes the delicate balance of Dopamine, Serotonin and GABA but restores testosterone induced by advancing age. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for a general feeling of wellbeing.Let Eclipse’s mood enhancing ability be your first step to putting a non-toxic reward system back into your life.

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Anxiety No More

I just wanted to write and say that I have tried many things to calm my mind and body and to become more clear-headed and the Eclipse product is thing that I can say is actually helping..

Open the door to a whole new world with Eclipse. It immediately prompts your body to start naturally producing enough of its own feel-good neurotransmitters, essentially rolling you back to your pre-anxiety state.

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Healthy Vaping

I have been vaping for a long time now, and honestly quite unsure about if it was actually “bad” for me or not. With Eclipse I dont have to worry about that because its not a question of if its “bad”, I already know that it is good for my body.

Eclipse is the first NeuroVape which has numerous health benefits ranging from smoking cessation to treating stress, anxiety, depression and more. HBC Protocols is an expert at homeopathic supplements and how they effect the body. If you enjoy vaping, and want to get some positive benefits out of it, then vape like you mean it with Eclipse.

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